Company Overview

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Guangzhou traveler outdoor equipment co., Ltd.

Guangzhou traveler outdoor equipment co., LTD., founded in 2004,We are a B2B company specializing in providing high-quality outdoor camping equipment. Over the years, we have grown into a professional company engaged in independent development, design, production, and sales of outdoor products. We have a dedicated team that focuses on researching and developing new products. With advanced equipment and an experienced R&D team, we offer OEM and ODM services. Guided by the principle of "Quality First, Customer Supreme" .Our focus is on creating outdoor products that combine comfort and functionality. Our product range mainly includes camping equipment and outdoor accessories. We understand the demands of commercial customers for product quality and reliability, so we strictly control every aspect, from material selection to production processes, through rigorous quality testing. Our products are durable, comfortable, and portable, meeting the needs of various outdoor environments and activities.


Company/Factory Positioning:

With the demand for personalized and differentiated products in the market, the company has increased its innovative research and development efforts, and has obtained more than 40 national patents in the field of outdoor camping equipment. As a B2B partner targeting overseas markets, we offer personalized customization services, designing and manufacturing camping equipment according to the specific requirements of our customers. This ensures that the camping gear aligns with your brand image and target market.

Complete production process

Our camping equipment is not just a product, they are a commitment to quality, cost-effectiveness, and customer satisfaction. Our professional production process and strict quality control ensure that every hammock has excellent quality.

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24-hour online service

Reliable pre-sales and after-sales service, providing you with comprehensive support and solutions.

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More than 40 original design patents

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Company/Factory Philosophy:

We are committed to becoming your trusted partner, providing professional support and excellent customer service. Our team has extensive industry experience and expertise, offering assistance in areas such as market analysis, product positioning, and sales support. Together, we can face market challenges and achieve mutually beneficial goals.

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Outdoor testing/experience:

We will conduct outdoor testing/experience and invite customers to personally experience the high quality and excellent safety of outdoor hammocks. Our hammocks undergo strict quality control and safety testing to ensure that we provide you with the most reliable products.

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